Entering Edit

When you first enter the Corrupt layer. It's an open area, there are no walls, well there are. Except you can use a glider pretty well in there. And make sure to bring a lot of Corruption resistance potions if you're going to be there a while because if you don't the corrupt meter fills quickly. And you do not want that because it makes you more anxious the closer it gets to being filled.

Items to bring: Edit

  • At least 8 Corrupt Resistance Potions *When you run out*
  • At Least a Diamond Sword *When you run out*
  • At Least complete Iron Armor *When you run out or get a chance to upgrade*
  • At Least 60 Coal Torches. *When low*

Blocks. Edit

Every block in the corrupt layer will be a reflection of the blocks above. Such as Corrupt Leaves, Stone, Dirt, and Water. Being near any of these blocks within a certain radius will cause the Corrupt Meter to fill. And being hit by a corrupt enemy may cause corrupt DoT [Damage >(Over) Time] There is a great bit of space in the corruption layer. From top to bottom it's about 25 blocks.

Combat Edit

When fighting a creature, Purification bombs are good when doing it, but you also risk of losing the loot! you need to finish it off with your sword. Armor Piercing bombs are good too, just idk if it loses it, but you can look on the original wiki.