Corrupt Only Items; COI Edit

These items are the items you will find only by killing corrupt creatures. Things such as Miru eyes can be claimed from all Mirus, except for the Arctic Miru. The basic items dropped from creatures are Health Potions; Corruption Dust and a small more. And the exclusive and dangerous mob: "Thing," can sometimes drop a Diamond mining cell. Used to mine the corruption layer. So it's pretty useless! Corruption dust is used in various things, such as the Lumite Materials, being the main ore of the Layer. And the rarest. Lumite is found all over the corrupt zones. As it's not the entire bottom of the world that's corruption. Mainly Just very large portions. With an extractor you can gain two lumite I believe in ten minutes. That's not bad. But it's not very good either.

Other Items Edit

  • Miru Eye,
  • Chizzard Gizzard,
  • Rockster Rock
  • Leafi Leaf
  • Leather
  • Bone

These are the basic items any creature in the corruption will drop. Including surface. These are the not so rare items and are used in more common items. And by lighting up the Corruption layer you not only provide light but you wont be able to spawn mobs there! Making it safer. Now, Lighting the entire corruption layer will mean that area is now safe, except for the Corruption effect. You can remove this by removing or covering the corrupt blocks, as they will apply the corrupt affect in a 3 block radius, and the more blocks in the radius, the faster it fills. And When exploring it, use a glider and a few flares to light up the area if you're that type of person.

For what you should Attack first are the Corrupt Leafis or Pigsys as they are the weakest creatures in the Layer. And they can drop 1 - 3 Corruption Dust including the basic items any Leafi or Pigsy can drop.