Taming Edit

It can be tough the more dangerous it is. But just sitting there being attacked drinking health potions slowly taming it doesnt work anymore.

Traps Edit

You need to make a TRAP. what's a trap? Well, you get the idea. To trap a creature or person in a location they cannot escape unless manually removed. Now, in the taming process, You can one place a but ton of teleporters throughout the corruption layer, all going to one in an arena. And the player, would go into another part of the arena outside of danger, with slabs in the 1 by X hole. To prevent the creatures from getting through this hole, place a slab of any kind in it on the bottom. To tame smaller creatures, create another hole like this, but on the ground. With a slab on the bottom again. If creatures aren't spawning in the arena a way to help is to make the arena area pure darkness and the floor of JUST the arena corrupt blocks such as stone and dirt. But to prevent from light pouring into the arena if you're scared a little. Then Just make the inner arena walls a non Transparent block. Such as wood. And make the Top to Bottom 3 blocks. With the teleporter out of the mob's reach. So they cant go back, mainly above the arena with a fan next to it. And you must be near the corrupt layer on the surface, Y doesn't matter. So mob's can come through the teleporter, the floor doesn't matter. And if mobs cant get to you, they won't attack unless they can. So if there's a miru that senses you but can get you. Then you may tame it. ANY mobs that spawn in there.

Simpler Taming Edit

Easy taming is tricky, so in order to tame the mob of choice bring it into a 1*2 hole if it's chasing you, then place a block on the bottom and a slab in the top of the block. Then you may tame. And you can remove the barrier once tamed. This is really easy for Taming: "Thing," being the toughest creature.